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The Best Type of Woods for Firewood Sale

Firewood Trees to Choose From

Even though every wood can burn, not every tree is good for making firewood. When deciding what to use for your fire, there are numerous factors to take into account, like as how difficult it is to split, how long it burns, how much heat it creates, and how much will the wood cost for a firewood sale. These questions can be difficult to answer, but we’ve put together a list of the best firewood options for both novice and more experienced fire starters. Discover the best type for you by reading on!


Beech has a drawback in that it must be properly dried because live beech has very high water content. However, once it is prepared, beech produces good firewood because it combines the long-burning characteristics of ash with the ease of lighting of oak.


Due to its capacity to generate good, steady heat for a respectable amount of time, ash is another highly valued hardwood that is widely used as firewood. As a result, you may all unwind in your camping chairs while remaining confident that the fire will continue to burn for a while.


Firewood from maple trees is excellent. Like oak and ash, maple is a hardwood, but it is less dense than most of its kind, making it much easier to split and lighter than others. The smooth burn and simple handling of maple make it a wonderful fuel for beginners. Additionally, it smells fantastic! It burns steadily from beginning to end and produces one of the least amounts of smoke.


Due to its clean burn and moderate heat production, walnut is a classic firewood that is adored by many. For beginners, walnut makes a great, neutral fuel. It grows profusely throughout the United States and is both simple to split and simple to light, which is relatively unusual for hardwood. Walnut trees don’t make a lot of sap, which makes them even simpler to split.

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