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Hiring a Tree Contractor to Prune Your Trees

Why Trees Lose Leaves Prematurely?

Early to late October is when the tree leaves often begin to fall, about a week after the most spectacular colors. Your yard’s trees shedding leaves in July or August may indicate something is wrong. Most of the time, there is a good explanation for why leaves fall in the summer. To aid with a solution, it is useful to spot the warning indications of a bigger issue and when a tree contractor or pruning service is required. Find out why certain trees lose their leaves earlier in the article below.

Adapting to Conditions

The most frequent cause of early leaf shedding in response to environmental factors. Weather-related environmental changes cause trees to respond by changing their growth patterns. For instance, trees grow quickly when there is much rain in the spring and mild temperatures. Due to the spring’s rapid growth, leaves may drop throughout the summer. A dense forest canopy is another factor. Trees shed unhealthy leaves to make place for healthier vegetation when they have more leaves than they can handle. Overcrowding can be reduced by hiring a skilled tree pruning service in the early summer.

Lack of Water

Lack of enough hydration is among the most frequent causes of a tree losing leaves in the summer. It will take some time to recuperate if you live in a dry location or are experiencing a drought. Leaves may continue to fall off too soon, even when the tree reaches the optimum moisture level. If leaves are not adequately watered, they will become irreparably damaged, and before the tree can fully recover, dead leaves must fall from the tree. After the recuperation phase starts, affected leaves will continue to fall for around a month.


Your tree’s health can suffer from a bacterial infection or an infestation of bugs. Aphid infestations can be particularly harmful because they drain a leaf’s moisture. Lack of moisture and nutrition can cause leaves to wilt and drop off too soon. Consistent, deep watering is essential during the growing season to avoid premature leaf fall because of the lengthy recovery process.

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