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Hiring a Tree Contractor to Care for Your Trees

Ways You May Be Harming Your Trees

Trees provide excellent shade and a stunning focal point for your landscape. A mature tree can survive effortlessly around your home and requires little upkeep. But a tree can be harmed in several ways, especially when young. Learn how to prevent further damage to your trees and how a tree contractor can offer high-quality tree services.

Over-Mulching Your Trees

Mulch is a fantastic strategy to defend your tree against competing weeds and plants. Mulching is an excellent idea, but there are a few reasons why it can damage your trees. First, mulch that is too close to your tree’s trunk might lead to deterioration. A large pile of mulch produces a substantial amount of moisture, which can cause the bark around your tree to deteriorate and create an unstable base. Second, excessive mulching around your tree may stifle root flare-ups. Mulch should be placed within your tree and kept away from the bark.

Staking or Girdling Your Trees

Both stakes and girdles are intended to keep your tree safe, yet they both have a high potential for harm. To stake a tree is to support it using stakes and ropes. Since it stops a tree from growing crooked, this is primarily done for aesthetic purposes. Temporary staking with the right ropes can be beneficial, but if you stake your tree for too long or with the wrong rope, you risk damaging it.

Nailing Objects on Your Trees

Mounting signs, bird feeders, and other items on trees might seem practical. It doesn’t result in significant harm if you securely drill or nail objects into an established tree. The chance of sickness or infestation can be increased. Thus it’s preferable to prevent this. Your local tree service staff can advise whether drilling or nailing is a safe idea or something you should avoid.

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