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6 Tree Types You Should Know Before Hiring an Affordable Tree Service

What Are Different Types of Trees?

Trees are the plants that are planted in landscaping. They can add beauty to your yard and improve the overall appearance of your property. Although they look simple, they actually come in different shapes and sizes. If you’ve always wondered what type of trees they are, read on to learn them before hiring an affordable tree service:


Conifers are trees that have needle-like or scale-like leaves. They’re also called soft-cone trees because of these features. Because of their needle-like leaves, they are less likely to cause allergies than other trees. They are also small enough to be grown in smaller spaces.


Deciduous trees shed their leaves or needles in the colder months. They are also called naked or leafless trees because their leaves are always on the tree. They are popular among homeowners because they are easy to maintain and can flourish in an urban environment. They are ideal for smaller yards because they don’t take up extensive space.


They are conifers that have needle-like leaves, too. Their cones are white or orange-colored and they are called soft-cone trees. They are generally larger than deciduous trees and can be planted in wide spaces. They are also hardy and can withstand harsh weather conditions. The leaves are their only seasonal addition.

Pine Needle

These trees are a type of softwood and are often used to create decorative items. They are used to produce various products, including furniture and flooring. They are less popular because they are expensive to purchase and maintain. They have been known to have weak trunks, which can be dangerous for children. These trees are also difficult to grow, which means that there are fewer people willing to grow them.


These trees are known for the beauty of their coastlines. Their trunks are hard and measure from 2 to 40 feet. They are vulnerable to rot, which means that they are often used for construction or landscaping in areas that have high rainfall and humidity. The trees are used for landscaping due to the strength of their trunks.

Tropical Tree

Tropical trees are not really trees, but they are still botanical plants. They are perfect for landscaping since they are among the hardiest trees. They also have large leaves, so make sure that you water, fertilize, and mulch them regularly. Don’t worry because they are easy to maintain.

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